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Welcome to our website. Epidavros Fruit SA was established in 2009 and it is a family bussiness company, one of the biggest companies operating in the area of Argolida in packaging, distribution, marketing and export of citrus and other fresh fruit. The company is based in Skafidaki Argolis. The microclimate of Argolis Land is the main reason that makes citrus fruit as the tastiest in the World. The Supply of citrus becomes from more than 300 producers. The company has ISO CERTIFICATE Ξ±nd the main products have also Certificate of conformity GLOBAL GAP CERTIFICATE from Association of Koutsopodi.

Our Facilities

Our packing house and the company headquarters are located in an area of 10000sq.m which are surrounded by beautiful thousands of orange trees. In our Facilities there is an enormous parking area that provides comfort and flexibility to our partners vehicles. Inside the packing house, there are 3 cooling chambers controlled temperature with total capacity of 60000kg. The modern sorting house and packing house has a capacity of 20000kg per hour. In Epidavros Fruit packing house, we are able to market a large variety of fruits under our own brand as well as under any other brand asked by our partners. We are therefore able to supply and deliver almost any request and quantity to wholesale distribution chains. The total amount handled in citrus is about 20.0000 kgr per season.

Our Customers

The majority of products are available in the European Union and the countries of South-EasternEurope
Our aim is to expand our business activities in whole Europe and even all over the world.

  • Albania
  • Austria
  • Bulgaria
  • Boznia
  • Czech Republic
  • Croatia
  • Fyrom
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Poland
  • Romania
  • Denmark
  • Netherlands
  • Ukraine
  • Slovenia

Types Of Packing


Cartons of 10kg 50x30x16
Cartons of 15kg 60x40x16
Cartons of 20kg 60x40x24
Net, gir-S.A.c of 1kg
Net, gir-S.A.c. of 2kg
Plastic boxes


Plastic boxes


Cartons of 10kg 50x30x16
Plastic boxes


20 kg to 500kg, loose or in layer.
Packaged by weight

Agricultural Products


The orange is a fruit which bear fruit from the orange tree. It is one of the most popular citrus. Its shape is spherical or oval, peel the thick or thin depending on the variety and the flesh is orange or blood orange - to - red variety. The outer surface of the peel is relatively uneven and has small specks glandular producing aromatic essential oil. Orange is the golden fruit of the Mediterranean, is the most important and delicious source of vitamins. More Analytic, orange juice has the highest content of vitamin C and is found in every healthy diet schedule. Our Orange is very important in our diet, because while is very rich in vitamins and minerals (essential to our body), contains very few calories. Orange is rich in vitamin A and C, potassium, sodium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, protein, water, and kcal. New studies bring to light every day more and more beneficial properties from eating oranges. Revitalizes the immune system, helping the body to defend itself viruses in carcinogenesis in multiple sclerosis. Protects from hypertension, heart attacks and strokes. It has the ability to lower cholesterol.



It is the predominant variety (about 60%) of the Greek production. Grown mainly in Argolida. The fruit is large, spherical and sometimes protruding navel. The flesh is crisp with a nice fragrance and seeded. A modulus juice yield, having a slightly bitter. Collected from December to March.


They have spherical wrist, slightly oval, medium size, with a small belly button and without spores. Their flesh is sweeter than the Merlin but with more juice. Collected from October to December.


They have spherical wrist, slightly oval, medium size, with a small belly button and without spores. Their flesh is less sweet than the Merlin but with more juice. Collected from March to September.

Other Products


The small tangerine may at first glance not impresses with its tiny size, but has nutrients more than impressive. Rich in fiber and vitamins (A and C), which shield the body against viruses and infections, mandarin is also a valuable source of carbohydrates, iron, carotene and phosphorus. But the "magic" ingredients, do not stop here. Sodium, protein, calcium, potassium, magnesium and folic acid are some more of the valuable nutrients, enjoying our organization in every bite of mandarin


The lemon is the fruit that comes from the lemon tree, and it belongs to the citrus family. It is mainly used in cooking in form of juice or the peel of the crop to make sweets. Juice containing about 5% citric acid and that is the reason that has sour taste. Main lemon varieties are Interntonato, the Maglino, the Zampetaki and the Adamopoulou. The harvest in Greece is mostly from October to the end of March. It contains vitamin C, which is considered ideal "medicine" to treat infections and other health problems. It is also used in cosmetics.


The varieties consumed today can reach several pounds weight. Watermelon is smooth exterior paint shades of green and sometimes with alternating dark and light green stripes. The bark is hard enough, with a thickness of about one centimeter and white color inside. The main part of the watermelon inside is soft, red, contains many black seeds (or white) and contains large quantities water. A watermelon contains sugar at around 6% and water by 91 % by weight. Like many other fruits, contain vitamin C.

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